We Love Horn: A Key Ingredient in our Jewellery Collections

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Adele Dejak Horn Jewellery

Adele Dejak Horn JewelleryYou’ll have noticed that we incorporate horn in all of our jewellery collections, inspired by the use of the material in several African adornment traditions.

We use only the best horn in our designs (a by-product of the meat industry, this horn would otherwise be sent to landfill) and employ some of the best horn and bone artisans in East Africa to ensure exquisite finishing.

In case you missed it, we gave you a peek into our horn processes a few months ago (part I & part II), when we were working on our Rogo Collection.

The finished products are available to purchase on our online store. Browse to see the many things we’ve done with horn. From earrings to necklaces, chokers, and pendants; from bracelets to smaller pieces such as rings, bag charms and even key rings.

We’d love to hear what your favourite horn pieces are!