The Top 5 Jewellery Trends For 2020

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What’s the latest jewellery trend? Every time we need to spice up our outfits we reach for jewellery. With the right chunky necklace, statement earrings or choker your outfit is bound to go from a seven to a solid ten out of ten. Going by the current jewellery trends, jewellery options are on the rise with something fresh for every season. We’ve rounded up our favourite jewellery trends for 2020 to keep you in the know along with a few tips here and there.

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings has been all the rage for a long time. A ring party is always a good way to show off your accessories as it goes with all jewellery trends. A single metal stack works well if you want to play it safe and chic. For a fun outgoing look mix and match different metals and colours. In case you’re worried about going overboard consider leaving one or two fingers bare depending on your liking. To ensure there’s a visual balance on your ensemble vary the weights and shapes of your rings.


Statement Earrings

This year calls for bold and audacious earrings that complement your unique style. Step out of your comfort zone with different shapes, designs and sizes that will be sure to make a statement. For the best selection go for earrings that complement your face shape and outfit. Keep the rest of your accessories understated for a good balance for all jewellery trends.


Layering  Necklaces & Bracelets

The more is more approach works for necklaces and bracelets too. Layering jewellery can be a great way to create a stylish appearance that is unique and true to your individual style since it offers freedom and endless options. Again mixing different colours and metals offers a good contrast for your overall look.



Statement Chokers, Chains & Neckpieces

Across runways all over the world statement chokers, chains and neckpieces. Statement-making jewellery seems to be a common theme with the comeback of chunky neckpieces for all jewellery trends. Dress up your dresses or even a t-shirt and jeans outfit with a chunky piece of your choice. These chunky chains come in the form of bracelets too. We love this embroidery detailed take on the trend from Gucci.

Single Earrings

Rocking a single earring isn’t entirely a new concept as it keeps making a comeback. It’s an easy trick for a major fashion statement. For an edgy vibe try rocking just one side of your statement earring. This style will make you look sophisticated and voguish. All you need is one earring hanging and dangling on your ear for an immediate update to your look.