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“Gift giving is part of the culture no matter where you are and no matter how long you stay.”Chrystalyn Brannen

There is no community without gift and gifting. The acts themselves may not be visible, they may not have names, they may elude materiality, and yet, we depend on them for our very existence as givers and receivers.  And with the endless need to express ourselves to our loved ones we use gifts to showcase warmth, recognition, care and love in our special and unique ways.

Having being in the jewellery business for over a decade now, we believe that jewellery gifting is benefecial to everyone for it never discriminates on race, sex, age or class. And let us be honest it doesn’t get much more personal than a great piece of jewelry. You wear it every day (if it’s really, really great) and you keep it forever (again, if it’s great). So there is pretty much no cons list for this topic, but a very long list of pros which we are very happy to share with you:

1.Jewelry as a gift always makes people happy. Everyone likes to receive a piece of jewelry that was chosen carefully by a loved one.

2.Even though jewelry has always been a perfect gift, it still continues to surprise and move people.

3.To express your love, your friendship, your tenderness, your recognition or any other sentiment, there isn’t anything better than a piece of jewelry. It leaves a lasting impression.

4.Rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and wristwatches: there is a piece of jewelry for every taste, style and budget.

Syb closeup portrait

5.Jewelry is an investment, not just a purchase.But unlike stocks or bonds as you can adorn accessories and still look sane.

6.Jewelry is one of the only gifts that always elicits a “GASP!” response.  Also, try a car…but jewelry is more affordable and won’t crash.

7.Jewelry is an extremely customizable gift.  You can cater to personality, color preferences, style, almost everything.  Need a gift for your stylishly eclectic friend?  A bold brass bracelet is the answer!

Margaret Brass Bracelet


8.Jewelry is appropriate for someone of any age and it’s a lot better than giving a child a set of drums.  I promise.  Even if they aren’t your child.  Retribution exists.

9.You can make never have enough jewelry.

10.Jewelry is a memorable gift.  You’ll always remember who gave it to you, what the occasion was, and where you were.  Jewelry is meaningful and more than just metal and rocks.  Jewelry tells a story; your story.

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