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“muse” Your fire is my fire.                  -Ben Saphiro They say having a muse is part of our life script; a form of modern day questing. A muse shares in your passion and adventure – tells your story. A muse is a source of inspiration; a touchstone of places, activities and things that in a way inspire peace, joy and creativity in others.                                                                                   Introducing, Darina Anstis, A.K.A Madusa Karma; the latest muse at Adele Dejak. She represents the modern African woman, stunningly beautiful and unapologetically bold with an eagle eye for fashion. Darina has a sense of creativity…

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Adele Dejak, a Kenya based entrepreneur building a global luxury accessory brand that celebrates the true African experience

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When a powerhouse like Lionesses of Africa recognizes and appreciates real and raw entrepreneurial and cultural improvement efforts like ours, at Adele Dejak we have no choice but to give our heartfelt appreciation. This is a re-post of an article done by Lionesses of Africa by Adele Dejak. Enjoy the read and thank you Lionesses of Africa. Adele Dejak, founder of Adele Dejak (Kenya) In the highly competitive world of international jewellery design, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But this is certainly not the case for Kenyan jewellery and accessory design entrepreneur, Adele Dejak, founder…

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Introducing the #GirlBoss Series – Celebrating the Modern Warrior Woman

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We want to know what makes you feel elated, unstoppable and alive. This month , in anticipation to the International Women’s day on the 8th of March, we will feature bold, brave and brazen women on our blog. These women not only have chutzpah, they are self-aware and have style in buckets. We want to profile women who are leaders in their fields, women who are inspiring change and whose fashion sense constantly leaves us in awe, including  Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Oprah and Coco Chanel. We will also interview women in Kenya whom we feel embody these traits and sharing…

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Adele Dejak on Ethical and  Sustainable fashion

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A post in response to the Ivory Ban   Elephant ivory has always been in high demand in the fashion accessories industry due to its texture, desirability and durability.  In Kenya, a ban on the ivory trade has been in effect since 1969.  However, the trade has continued illegally and this has led to devastating effects on the elephant population.  A report in 2012 by the Kenya Wildlife Service estimates the elephant population to stand at 38,000. But on the upside, poaching in Kenya is down to 46 from 390 elephants killed in 2013. China, the world’s largest ivory market, has…

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Noir Lover & Sustainable Fashion

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Hello team Adele! Our Noir Lover campaign is running really well so far. In the next couple of weeks, we will be describing the essence of the Noir Lover. The Noir Lover style, the brands the Noir Lover indulges in, the things the Noir Lover likes and loves and many more. Today we focus on Sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to a product that is created and produced with consideration to the environment and the social impact it may have throughout its total life span. It involves the design processes, sourcing of material and the manufacturing of all your fashionable items which…

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We’ve Updated Our List of Stockists

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There are more and more ways to get your hands on our designs. Along with our two outlets in Nairobi,you can find our designs on-sale in the following locations: Kenya Hemingways Boutique – Karen Saruni Camp Masai Mara, Masai Mara Angama Tanzania & Maasai Mara. Fairmont The Norfolk Campi Ya Kanzi Simply Classics Africa – Wilson Airport. Lisa Christoffersen Gallery – Runda Cottars 1920s Shop and Spa. South Africa Lucky Fish – South Africa The Branch Design Gallery New York Luxe Lion London UK Lalibella Australia Baha’ti Bisque Tanzania Chem Chem Nigeria Alara Multiconcepts For more information, please visit our website. Happy shopping!

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AdeleDejak Bag

Waste not want not: our recycled bags collection

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We always exploring new materials to use for our signature bag designs. Here are a couple of pieces from our Recycled collection. One person’s discarded items are also another’s style arsenal! See more from the collection on adeledejak.com Photography by Abraham Ali / Imageworks Also get to check out our collection of Hide Bags, Bakuba bags and Leather & Hair On. What other materials do you think the designer should explore & consider using in her design process? To shop for the Brand, Visit us today at the Village Market Store, At our Kiambu Showroom or To Shop Online: adeledejak.com

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Woman Crush Wednesday > Adele Dejak

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. She is our #WCW this week – Adele Dejak. If you follow Kenyan jewellery designer, Adele Dejak’s popular Instagram feed, you may think you have some idea about the woman behind it. Well, Adele Dejak is popularly known as the founder and director of the brand named after her, Adele Dejak. The brand, Adele Dejak, is an African Luxury Brand that solely focuses on creating handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional  woman who knows how to own her own style. About Adele Dejak Adèle Dejak cut her teeth in the world of typographic…

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AdeleDejak Accessories

Photo Shoot With Randy

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“I see photography as that eye-catching moment that’s passing, and one which is authentic.” Adele Dejak. In our last blog, Photographic works using nature as a backdrop, we saw Adele being both a designer and photographer. She is used to carrying her camera almost everywhere, making her job her hobby. She always quotes “I love sharing my work as much as possible; I can see the most beautiful view in the world, but if I don’t capture it with my camera and publish it, it’s like I didn’t see it at all.” I got to work with Randy Gowon, one of my…

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AdeleDejak Accessories

ThrowBack With Our Little Black Dress

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“Rule of a Lady – Three words: Little Black Dress.” Taking all the social media norms into account, we all are aware that being a Wednesday, it goes without saying that it is #WednesdayCrushWednesday leaving Thursday to a #throwback. For #TeamAdele, we’ve decided to shake up things a little bit by both crushing on our Little Black Dress that is set to Re-launch soon while at the same time doing a major throwback since its inception and re-invention in the year 2014/2015 Take a good look into your closet. Is there anything in there that you would never take out?…

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