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MY FAVOURITE  PIECES These are fashion accessories I love and just cant live without! they are without doubt my favourite fashion pieces. All  are available

Almaz Collection

Featured cover Photo: Nick Klaus  ///Above Photo: Brian Siambi & Model: Mauryne Theo Almaz the collection is inspired by hope and strength and the gift that is

Tribal Chic Fashion Show 2015

Team Adele is always so thrilled to be a part of Nairobi’s hip Tribe Hotel’s annual fashion show: Tribal Chic. The event certainly did not disappoint this year. All


  My Nairobi studio feels like a modern-day alchemist’s laboratory, but rather than transmuting lead to gold, my team & I melt discarded hammers and

Weaving out poverty

Weaving out poverty Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, demoralised or unhappy, I know it’s time for a reality check! With all my recent travels, launching new