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My photoshoots from 2015

My Photoshoots from 2015

Every time I take photos or commission a photographer for a photo shoot there is always such eager anticipation for the end results. I always get a

Tribal Chic Fashion Show 2015

Team Adele is always so thrilled to be a part of Nairobi’s hip Tribe Hotel’s annual fashion show: Tribal Chic. The event certainly did not disappoint this year. All

Weaving out poverty

Weaving out poverty Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, demoralised or unhappy, I know it’s time for a reality check! With all my recent travels, launching new

Trip to Addis

Adele recently visited Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Along with visiting the markets (of course), she spent time with fellow Design Network Africa (DNA) member, Kathy

Vogue Talents: Highlights from Milan

News of our Milan trip began when Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani and her team invited us to participate in the Vogue Talents exhibition. The event