Adele Dejak African inspired recycled brass bold statement jewellery

Every single item from Adele Dejak is sustainably sourced and ethically made.

At Adele Dejak we honour the earth, which provides the material we use for our jewellery and we honour the people behind our creations: from the miners to the suppliers, to our team of craftsmen, to the customers and to the communities all over the world. We are committed to doing what we can for people and the planet.


  • We have a Zero discrimination policy that ensures equal opportunity.
  • Fair compensation for staff and all stakeholders.
  • Working hours as regulated by the International Labor Standards on working time.
  • Safe and conducive work environment.
  • NO child labor is used at any point of our operations or from where we source from.


  • Our jewellery is upcycled and recycled.
  • All our raw material suppliers are thoroughly vetted to ensure ethics and traceability.
  • We continuously work towards zero waste at the workshop.
  • We make long lasting pieces so that they have less negative impact on the environment.
Adele Dejak African inspired recycled brass handmade layered comfortable choker.
Adele Dejak African inspired handmade jewellery

Commencing 2021 Adele Dejak will support the Mt Kenya Trust in their efforts to fight global warming.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to create job opportunities and additional income outside the company, while keeping important networks of artisans working for the company on full time contracts or monthly incomes.

The company seeks to invest in such communities in East Africa training people in new skills to enhance their livelihoods and contribute positively to the local and global community. Projects have been started in Kenya and others ongoing in Uganda, involving members of our team traveling outside Nairobi to meet with and teach people tailoring skills for bag production. Products are sold in our outlets and profits fed back into the local communities they were made in.


Adele Dejak tree planting corporate social responsibility

We have worked with UNHCR Australia since the end of 2013. The project involves working with refugees in the Kakuma camp to produce keyrings for UNHCR donors. We train people in Kakuma to produce the pieces to earn money usually to educate their families.

Dadaab & Kakuma only grow crops or keep livestock so have no means of earning a living, resulting in a dependence on donations from external donors. Inspired after seeing our early collections of bags made from recycled rice sacks and cement bags, Mairo Retief (a Lutheran World Foundation coordinator) contacted us about collaborating with residents at Kakuma (a part of Dadaab home to approx. 85,000 refugees) and training them to make bags from donated food sacks which they could then sell. Our tailors and Production manager have travelled to Kakuma to train the residents and equip them with new skills to earn a living. We plan to continue this collaboration.