Yanga Ring




Yanga is a glowing handcrafted piece of brass that pairs so well with our Cosmi earrings.
  • Weight:40g
  • Size(USA):Small-6.5,Medium-7.5,Large-8.5


thus, For many years’ African jewellery has been a treasure not only to the native people but also to everyone from all walks of life who meet them. With AD, you do not need to worry about fetching some of the top treasured African handmade rings since our collection is all you need. AD is the ideal partner for your everyday jewellery essential.

Each piece features a women empowerment attribute that will remain significant to us. Wearing any of our pieces, therefore, not only makes you like a 21-year-old, but it also adds to your treasure collections.

What’s your jewellery organiser looking like this? Is it old fashioned, outdated, and lacking je ne sei que, or is it continually overflowing with the statement earrings, bold chains, ring galore? Well, it’s time, therefore, to make that U-turn and face the real insights into handcrafted African rings.

Yanga Rings: the best African handmade rings

Yanga ring is a super bold brass piece that appears so correctly when paired with our cosmi earrings. It is one of the best brass rings we have in our store. It has a modern vibe that can make you feel connected with your younger self. Yanga ring thus is a versatile and sophisticated ring to pair with your favourite channel bag.

This edgy ring with the hollow head that reminds you of a funnel is one of the best rings for a gift. The ring is perfect for the fashion-savvy, and fun individual. Just like all other rings for women bearing the AD sign, Yanga is a brilliant piece of brass that can pair so well with cosmic earrings.

Key features

  • Material: Recycled brass
  • Weight: 40g
  • Size (USA): Small-6.5, Medium-7.5, Large-8.5

Why you should turn to AD

AD is an ideal brand for you if you consider yourself sophisticated, trendy, edgy, and fashionable. In creating jewellery, we carefully use environment-friendly materials, teach technical skills, celebrate cultures, and create employment opportunities. Due to a passion for passion, we have collaborated with big brands in the market. In our list, we, therefore, have such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Samsung, and African fashion international, among others.