K-Dayo Brass Ring


K-Dayo is a unisex finger ring made in Africa. The aesthetics are perfect for an unforgettable weekend getaway, an exotic vacation, or simply brightening up your daily activities. With such a unique juxtaposition of materials, ensure that you make space for these exquisite notable additions to your jewelry collection. This ring is stylish, trendy, and they represent the bold African woman in her glory. K-Dayo is a hot brass that is available in two tastes; smooth and hammered; whichever the case you select, K-Dayo guarantees you that extra glow, class, and baldness you are searching for. At AD, we are your perfect partner if you consider yourself trendy, sophisticated, edgy, and fashionable. When designing our handmade brass rings, we are keen to use environment-friendly materials to teach technical skills to celebrate cultures, and they create more employment opportunities. Because we are passionate about what we do, we have collaborated with other recognized brands in the market, such as Samsung African fashion international Salvatore Ferragamo, among others.
K-Dayo Brass Ring is simply an eye-catcher. A beautiful, unique and special bracelet inspired by Kenyan tribal artifacts and the courage that these pieces were traditionally meant to bring on the wearer.

Discover the smooth, pleasing texture of this smooth brass ring.

Indulge yourself with this piece and watch your style transform before your eyes.

  • Weight:22gms
  • Length:6cm
  • Size (USA):Small-6.5; Medium:7.5; Large-8.5


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