Fashimo Ring


This piece features a unisex look for men and women empowerment attribute that will remain significant to us. Wearing any of our pieces, therefore, not only makes you like a 21-year-old, but it also adds to your treasure collections. Fashimo ring is a super bold piece that is made from recycled brass. It is one of the best brass rings we have in our store. It has a modern vibe that can make you feel connected with your younger self. Fashimo ring thus is a versatile and sophisticated ring. This edgy ring with the depressed head that reminds you of a funnel is one of the best rings for a gift. The ring is perfect for the fashion-savvy, and fun individual. Just like all other rings for men and women bearing the AD sign, Fashimo is a brilliant piece of brass that will make you stand out.
Fashimo Ring

Key features

  • Material: Recycled brass
  • Weight: 27g
  • Size (USA): Small-6.5, Medium-7.5, Large-8.5


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