Afrika Comb X Without Chain




AFRIKA COMB X WITHOUT CHAIN, one of AD’s best Africa accessories. Typical Afro comb means the world to me. They signify Africa, 6000 years of culture, politics, and identity from its origins in ancient Kemetian culture when it symbolised ‘status, group affiliation and religious beliefs’. Africa fashion was depressed!

Afro comb inspiration

Moving through the 19th and 20th centuries to the 1960s African-American civil rights struggle when it took on a cultural and political significance. The ‘black fist’ was added to the bottom of afro combs in reference to the Black Power fist salute of the Black Panther movement. Many black men and women used it as a hair accessory embracing their natural hair but also used it to express their cultural pride.

The historical stories are endless and the Afrika comb has come full circle and still plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of afro hair styling.

Our AFRIKA COMB X WITHOUT CHAIN Afro comb is an inn design from all these historical gigs. It is an exemplary artifact featuring a design for beauty and revelation of African artistical inventions. In honor of the great forefathers and mothers of Africa, this supercute afro comb now remains a symbol. It is a treasure that we all need to bear with pride.

Feature of Afrika comb X without chain

  • Material: African wood and brass
  • Durability: High
  • Usage: Afro wear with stunning look on various african fashion also, best africa accessories for combing hair

The African Renaissance is here to stay! As part of our LOVE collection therefore, AD used a miniature Kenyan wooden comb with gold leaf appliqué & a brass chain as a pendant. This afro comb has been an instant sell-out. We are so honored that Beyonce wore this in one of the Blackisking features.

Thanks so much, @zerinaakers @beonciadunn @suzetteselman @black.owned.everything for making this happen.COMB measurements:Weight:30gComb Width:11cmComb length:11cmChain length:50cmTotal length:60cm

African made, African inspired, Black-owned and proud of it. AD is a brand that seeks to evoke emotions of joy and love for all our brothers and sisters. Our Africa accessories therefore, are ever worth your consideration.