Abioye Brass Pendant



Our strong desire to create innovative jewels never dies! Our AYOMIDEis a demonstration of the great brand we are, Africas, best jewellery designers. This product represents our newest AMI II collection, which illustrates how energy or a particular component enters a system. In this case, this product showcases our creative source, as Africans. It is a symbol therefore of our power source, resilience and strength to adapt and evolve. AMI is the Yoruba word for SYMBOL. In our assortment, it represents a collection of dynamic jewellery, a symbol of strength, origin, hope, culture, future, style and identity. AYOMIDE is a super bold neckpiece design that blends well almost every attire. It is an artistic structure composing of beautifully moulded recycled brass forming a unique, eye-catching piece. Quick identification of this product is the five circular brass plates with fashion dents that brings out is uttermost brilliance. If you are someone who lives for love, passion and making a bold statement, then this piece matches your desires quite well. Best occasions for AYOMIDE If you are heading on for a pat, house party, birthday party, AYOMIDEwill give you that distinctive look. This is one head-turner piece that only a few could be having it by now. Apart from the parties, it is conceding fashion wear for office and numerous other working stations. Casual wear or office wear; khaki, jeans or whichever T-shirt, all we suitably match its quality appearance. Adele Dejak, AKA AD, has always been your most promising best African jewellery designers. In the faces of many we are the unafraid brand, so please do not be afraid to look great, to make a statement, to make an entrance and to feel and look powerful. AD handmade pieces are affordable, designed and created to uplift and inspire women to be “QUEENs. Come journey with us. Buy neckpiece online from Adele Dejak, aka AD!


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If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need courage. As a woman, a proper dressing code, complemented by super-end jewellery, natures this courage even further. ABIOYE is a piece of triangular-shaped brass hanging on a soft and robust thread. It is the most pleasing pendant piece for those who love the simple design, matching multiple dressings.

Being the best online pendant store, Adele Dejak (AD) delivers always the best statement pieces. We thus, make a great fashion statement for all women. Through our bold, statement pieces, therefore, like the fantastic ABIOYE, we make you the queen among many who have not yet realized our beautiful uniqueness.

Key features of ABIOYE

  • Material: Brass
  • Unisex
  • Longlasting
  • Golden in color

All our products are ethically inspired. Through their variety, we hence, tend to show the love of connecting our African cultural roots within our communities. It is easy to add personality and sass to the outfits with African pieces. This handmade pendant always has its unique way of showing brilliance and fashion to any African spirited individual.

ABIOYE belongs to our recent most AMI II collection. Ami is a Yoruba word directly translating to SYMBOL. In our case, it represents a dynamic jewellery collection that symbolizes hope, origin, strength, identity, culture, style, and future.

AD requires every woman to be unapologetic fabulous. Hence, we design cutting-edge products like ABIOYE. Our mission is always to create the perfect design that the world has never valued for its worth.

Best pendants available at AD

Our AMI is an exciting collection you should never miss. Each piece here, therefore, exhausts the warrior nature of an African woman and boosts her confidence to the next level.  Do not wait longer; therefore, get ready your card and be the center of attraction you intend. We will always make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible for everyone.

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