Franka Brass Statement Earrings


The Franka earrings are a beautiful, sophisticated pair. They match well with a smart-casual look and transition just as easily into evening glamour. Pair them with a simple dress for a romantic night out. Our Franka brass statement earrings are simple, beautiful, and eye-catching pieces that are ideal for any occasion. Therefore, it is one of the best brass statement earrings with an artistic structure that women will love. The Franka earrings are a beautiful and sophisticated pair of earrings for women. These brilliant pieces of handmade African earrings will match well with a smart casual look as well as an official outfit. Ensure that you pair the best earrings with a simple dress or a romantic night out. These brass statement rings are from recycled glass and are inspired and handcrafted in Africa. These earrings feature the latest designs and are the centerpiece of exotic pride and attention. They are typical head-turners you would want to appear in. It is one of the best earrings for women, and they agree to most with your favorite dressing styles, typical jeans, and dinner dress will still bring out it’s pretty nice. This piece is durable since it is made of brass; it doesn’t rust.
Franka Brass Statement Earrings

  • Weight:30g
  • Length:17.5cm



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