Mansa Earrings



This glorious African-inspired earring is purposely handcrafted to capture the saintly essence of class and elegance. The obvious contrast between the square-shaped soft-textured statement and dangling threaded beads and charms is an immediate attention grabber. It comes in two bead colors, black and gold. This gives you the liberty to choose what blends best with your outfits. It is light in weight and can be rocked all day. Mansa earrings will add the right sparkle to your outfit. The blend of gold and black beads creates an interesting yet playful look. This pair of drop earrings is great for accessorizing with any outfit, no matter the season.


Mansa Earrings:

  • Material: brass
  • Color: gold, black
  • Weight: 28g
  • Height: 21.2cm
  • Length: 6.3cm


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