Maki Choker


Designed to lend a regal look and infuse the theme of supremacy and vivacity to your ensemble, Maki Choker is the ultimate statement piece for a go-getter woman. The smooth hammered finish provides a lasting shimmer that is sure to illuminate your personality. The V-shaped clavicle is perfectly measured to coincide with your collarbone and to bring that balancing effect to your body. It is double-layered with the bottom decker designed to float cloud-like, lending an air of charisma. It is made from recycled brass before being skillfully polished to make for a flawless finish. Maki Choker is gold-toned to seamlessly blend in with all skin tones.
Maki Choker

  • Material: brass
  • Color: gold
  • Weight:175g
  • Length:5.45 cm
  • Diameter:12 cm


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