Madaha Earrings


Add a modest touch of style to any outfit with these unexpected inverted triangle-shaped earrings from Adele Dejak. The simple geometric shape makes it a must-have accessory to complete your jewelry collection. With the apex of the triangle designed to geographically dangle below your earlobe, this is the perfect earring for an imposing look. Lightweight, and pointing in all the right directions, these brass triangle earrings are idyllic for street-ware to evening-ware and easy to wear anywhere.
Madaha Earrings

  •  Material: brass
  • Color: gold.
  • Large earring weight:7g
    ⦁ Small earring weight:5g
  • Large earring height: 9cm
    ⦁ Small earring height: 6.8cm
  • Large earring length: 2.2cm
    ⦁ Small earring length: 2.2cm


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