M-Arewa Spice Neckpiece


This chic, casual and flirty neckpiece is a must-have accessory if you are into the gorgeous cocktail of a classy and modest ensemble. It simply stands out and adds a touch of class to any simple or modest outfit. Balancing elegance and simplicity, each M-Arewa Spice Neckpiece is an intricate creation of great craftsmanship. The polished hanging soft-hammered discs symbolize reciprocal interconnections of authentic fashion. Wear it on its own or pair it with M-fabia Bracelet for great results.
M-Arewa Spice Neckpiece:

  • Material: brass
  • Color: gold
  • Weight: 74g
  • Pendant length: 11.5cm
  • Choker diameter: 11.5cm


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