K-Yaa Long Brass Beaded Bracelet


K-yaa is a sensational piece of jewelry that will sit on your arm with so much splendor. With the glass beads on its face, Kyaa bracelet makes you look poised with its irresistible African elegance. Its generous length allows K-yaa to be worn with your short-sleeved items for ample cover and to highlight your wrist in a splendid way. Pair it up with our fabulous K-TINA CLUTCH and your favorite jeans or an all-black ensemble on that special night out for that classy touch. With its bold, daring, and abstract shapes, the K-Yaa bracelet aesthetic is perfect for a memorable weekend getaway, an exotic vacation, or simply brightening up your daily activities. However, with such a unique juxtaposition of materials, make sure to make space for this exquisite and impressive addition to your jewellery collection.  
K-Yaa Long Brass Beaded Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Weight: 59g
  • Size(Diameter): Small: 6.2;    Medium: 6.4;   Large: 6.6
  • Height: 9



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