Fumnaya Brass Bracelet


Funaya brass bracelet, a simply stunning piece of jewellery that transcends both informal and formal settings. This attractively finished brass bracelet is made using recycled brass and glows as your heart would fall in love. This handmade bracelet, therefore, delivers a distinctive and straightforward appearance.

Best bracelet 2020 for women and girls; Funaya brass bracelet

This classical African fashion piece is handmade luxury wear that you will need on various occasions. At our company, we empower women by giving them self-confidence; go out a rock, an AD piece of jewellery with self-confidence! You always, therefore, look great when you wear what you love. Our Funaya brass bracelet is our charm handcrafted bracelet. The design, therefore, suits various dressing codes and fashions. This bold piece of jewellery fits corporate occasions like social events and executive meetings. Selectively chosen from our most popular bracelets for women, this brass women bracelet comes at a fair price. A large number of these best-priced pieces are not easily accessible. Our Funaya, therefore, is worth it as it gives you a great chance to find the most popular bracelet for women and girls at a fair price.
Fumnaya Brass Bracelet

Key features of Funaya:

  • Material: brass
  • Weight:110g
  • Sizes in diameter: small:6.2, medium:6.4, large: 6.6


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