Fujo Bracelet


Fujo bracelet is the ideal cuff bracelet to wear for both a dress-up and a dress-down look. Whether you are going for a red carpet event or hanging out with friends over brunch, the Fujo cuff bracelet is a great company for the trendy chic fashionista. Fujo is the Swahili word for aggressive, has a beautiful texture that shines and will surely turn heads.

You cannot miss Fujo bracelet; this is why?

  • Our Fujo cuff bracelet is a centerpiece of exotic pride and attention – eyes will be glued to your outstanding presentation.
  • It agrees to multiple of your dressing styles. A dinner dress, as well as typical jeans and a T-shirt, will still bring out its prettiness.
  • No rust, nor dents: Our Fujo is highly durable. Deep it in water, it will never rust. Drop it on the flow; it will still be the stunning handmade Fujo bracelet.
  • This is a bold piece, a unique design only to AD jewellery designers.

Fujo Bracelet

Key features of Fujo bracelet

  • Weight:105g
  • Height:6.4cm
  • Sizes (diameter):Small-6.2cm,Medium-6.4cm,Large-6.6cm

Our Fujo bracelet is a highly durable brass and an artistic imagination of what would add spice into African fashion. The product stretches to fit all wrist sizes. Its finish is a glorious look, with flat and curved edges that promote safety while embracing tones of exclusive looks.

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