Yanga Spice Mud cloth Clutch bag


The Yanga Spice Mud cloth Clutch Bag is a practical small versatile wristlet clutch bag. The bag’s tassels are inspired by traditional Fulani horse harnesses from the Sahel region. Adele Dejak brings authentic mud cloths straight from Malian designer Boubacar to Kenya. The tradition of making beautifully patterned out mud cloths, or bogolanfini, is strongly linked to the Bamana people of Mali. Bògòlanfini is a term in the Bambara language made up of three words. “Bogo” refers to “mud,” “Lan” means “with,” and “Fini” means “cloth.” Hence, the term Bògòlanfini is Bambara for ‘mud cloth.’ We hope you enjoy your Yanga Spice bag and Boubacar’s modern designs. Go out there and rock it!
Yanga Spice Mud cloth Bag

  • Exterior: Mud cloth and Leather
  • Brass Zipper
  • Interior: African Wax Print
  • Height: 25 cm
  • Length: 32 cm
  • Weight: 346 g


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