The collection explored the boundaries of one-dimensional body-art and has explored with multi-funtional pieces, the contact of both bold and simplistic pieces as well as playing around with other materials such as mango wood, glass beads, cow horn and oxidized brass.

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Fasali High Brass Ring

Large 8.5 Medium 7.5 Small 6.5
Faith Earrings - Best earrings for women
Franka - Best earrings Africa made

Fernnada Brass Ring

Large 8.5 Medium 7.5 Small 6.5
Franziska-bracelet-handmade-gold-brass-jewellery-jewel-adele-dejak-luxury-african-premium-kenya-london-usa-south-africa-africa-renaissance-shop-online-new-york (4)Franziska-bracelet-handmade-gold-brass-jewellery-jewel-adele-dejak-luxury-african-premium-kenya-london-usa-south-africa-africa-renaissance-shop-online-new-york (1)

Fandata Handmade Brass Bracelet

Large 6.6cm Medium 6.4cm Small 6.2cm