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“I see photography as that eye-catching moment that’s passing, and one which is authentic.” Adele Dejak.


In our last blog, Photographic works using nature as a backdrop, we saw Adele being both a designer and photographer. She is used to carrying her camera almost everywhere, making her job her hobby. She always quotes “I love sharing my work as much as possible; I can see the most beautiful view in the world, but if I don’t capture it with my camera and publish it, it’s like I didn’t see it at all.”


I got to work with Randy Gowon, one of my creatives whom I invited to help me out with the shoot.

It was a long day, but well worth it.

So here’s a bit of spice to cheer you up on how the photo shoot went down.

Stage One: Preparation

We used nature as our backdrop. We spiced it up with some beautiful garden flowers as flowers always have a way of adding a touch of color to our daily lives and never fail to cheer us up as they do make people happier and more helpful.


Stage Two: Costumes

The costumes used in the whole photo shoot session were solely Randy’s. Just but a few modification were done to his outfit. This was made possible by adding a little bit of my jewellery pieces as the whole point of the photo shoot was to showcase my Luxury Brand; my jewellery pieces.


Stage Three: Set Up, Test Shots & Photo Shoot

Shooting all day.

After the set, we did a couple of shoots showcasing my brand of handcrafted and fashion accessories. There was a great air of team spirit as well as vigor throughout the whole shoot.


It was amazing to work with Randy as it was such an exciting experience to shoot with him not forgetting my team who also made it possible.

Thank you & Adios!

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