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Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade eco-friendly African inspired bold statement jewellery bending
Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade African inspired bold statement chunky unisex rings

African Inspired Jewellery

Adele Dejak the brand is home to luxurious African inspired jewellery handcrafted in the heart of Kenya.

Everything comes from materials that different African tribes would use to make their ornaments and trinkets.

We have contemporary, artistic and wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets not forgetting some exclusive home decor items.

Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade African inspired bold statement earrings,choker,bracelet and traditional Maasai beads incorporated neckpiece
Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade African inspired bold statement layered neckpiece

Why wear Adele Dejak

If you consider yourself sophisticated, edgy, trendy and fashionable, Adele Dejak is the brand for you.

In creating jewellery, we are keen to use environment-friendly materials, celebrate cultures, teach technical skills and create employment opportunities.

Due to our passion for fashion, we have been able to collaborate with big brands such as Samsung, Salvatore Ferragamo and AFI (Africa Fashion International in SA) among others.

Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade African inspired bold statement chunky rings

Passion for Jewellery

Over the years, we have designed and launched several jewellery collections in the market.

Our most recent is the Love Collection, inspired by the emotion that is so abundant in Africa.

The Kobo Line features different sophisticated items for less than $100 and we have bags to suit different tastes.

Adele Dejak The Brand also features a lifestyle collection of home décor items because your home should look as good as you do.

You can get African Inspired jewellery directly from this website or in our workshop on Kiambu Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

Adele Dejak brass gold-tone handmade African inspired bold statement three in one bracelet and statement chunky rings
Adele Dejak founder and designer of Adele Dejak wearing african inspired recycled brass handmade pieces from her collection

About Adele

I gracefully lent my name to the brand in 2008 but before that, I was just a girl growing up with my family in Nigeria.

In my youth, I developed a love for fashion watching mummy dress up in magnificent fabrics and granny in her tribal jewellery.

After graduating in law it dawned on me that this wasn’t my passion. Years later I went to the London College of Communication in 2000 to study typographic design.

I moved to Kenya in 2005 and started making jewellery for personal use, experimenting with horn and brass.

My stunning items caused a stir wherever I went and people kept nudging me to turn this hobby into a business. I finally gave in and started producing various collections of jewellery and fashion accessories, drawing inspiration from the rich African culture. Looking at different pieces, you can easily tell that my stay in Europe also influences my style of jewellery.

Adele Dejak team members wearing Adele Dejak handmade African inspired recycled brass bold statement jewellery pieces.
Adele Dejak team member Kanini wearing Adele Dejak brass statement neckpiece and traditional Maasai beads inspired bracelet

Meet the Team

There are many people without whom Adele Dejak The Brand would be just but a dream.

We work closely with tailors, creative designers, artisans, and a relentless front office team.

Today we have more than 11 talented people working hard to make the statement jewellery you see.

Mary is Head of Operations and manages our HR and accounts departments, making sure that everyone remains happy and motivated.

Kanini is the production manager who keeps everyone on toes ensuring that we have products for our esteemed customers.

There are more people in our great team and you will get to meet them soon.

We are excited to hear from you as well. Ask questions, leave comments and show us some love on your favorite social media.

Adele Dejak team member Mary wearing Adele Dejak majestic brass neck neckpiece