Greetings Noir Lover!

It is our hope that your are staying delightfully fashionable this season. Here at the Adele Dejak headquarters, we are keeping busy whilst being entirely grateful that our Noir Lover campaign is running even better than expected.

This week, we are back to describing the essence of the Noir Lover. Last time we talked about Sustainability and today we focus on KOBO. You may be familiar with KOBO, our diffusion line.

The KOBO Logo - Adele Dejak

KOBO was launched in November last year and has proven to be a major success. The word KOBO refers to the Nigerian currency, ie. about one cent of the Naira. The name is quite befitting of the collection seeing as the collection is very pocket-friendly. Every piece from the KOBO line retails for lower than $100, going to as low as $10.

Our most popular KOBO pieces include the Koboji earrings, Kobbi bracelets, pendants such as Kozi, KoNjeri, just to name a few.

The Noir Lover loves KOBO because KOBO helps to stand out, express personal style, all while being pocket-friendly!



All Kobo pieces can be purchased at our flagship store at the Village Market, Nairobi, Our showroom in Kiambu, or online. The KOBO lookbook is also available upon request. Send us an email to receive yours.

PS/- Be sure to stop by our showroom soon for major discounts on all pieces.

Talk soon!

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