Fashion Friday – Adele Dejak ♡ Grace Jones

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Fashion and music go hand in hand at any fashion week.  Celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are celebrated not only for their music but for their statement style. But in the beginning, before Hollywood invented them, there was Grace Jones.

Born in Jamaica in 1948, Grace Jones moved to New York when she was 13 years old.  She then went on to become a supermodel, a dancer, an actress, a producer, and a personality. Grace is beautiful, sexy and shocking. Her androgynous, distinctive look defined the cross-dressing movement of the 80’s fashion.


Grace has challenged gender stereotypes in fashion week after week by preferring suits, angular cuts, and padded shoulders. Her squared jawline and angular cheekbones are a fashion photographer’s dream.

Grace is celebrated for her daring, her bold and her revolutionary and in this way, she is like Adele Dejak. She is proof that women can (and should) pursue excellence, live a loud, unapologetic life and own their style. Her spirit, her style and her strength are inspiring ans instructive and teach us what it means to live well .