Shopping and Ordering

Yes. You can pre-order. We will give you a timeline within which the item will be ready. Contact us with details of the item you wish to pre-order or email: sales@adeledejak.com

This will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the materials you would like used. Call + 254 (0)737 253 862 or email sales@adeledejak.com to discuss the specifics with a members of the sales team; we will provide a free quote within 5 to 7 business days.

We understand how frustrating this can be, but unfortunately, this is the nature of sale. We are unable to refund any further markdowns. To avoid disappointment, keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or sign up to our mailing list.

Sale events are advertised at least one week in advance.

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  • Mpesa >>> Lipa Na M Pesa >>> Buy Goods & Services >>> Till Number 563871 for local clients

Caring for your Items

Remember humidity makes metallic items dull so it would be wise to remove your jewellery when taking a shower or a bath and any other chores that require you to use water. To make your metallic shine, clean using brass cleaner. This is available in supermarkets.

Use a wet sponge with warm water and soap. Squeeze out the water from the sponge completely and rub it against the hide bag until it is clean. Under no circumstances should you dip the bag in water. This will destroy the bag.

Brass is dulled by humidity. There are various brands of brass polish available in supermarkets, including the common Brasso brand found in liquid form. Pour some Brasso on a piece of cloth or cotton wool and rub it on the brass item until it’s clean. The piece of cloth/cotton wool takes a blackish color due to the reaction. Let the item sit for a while (5 minutes) then take another clean cloth and wipe away all the Brasso.

Buy silver polish found in supermarkets and use the same process as above to clean it.

Leather is easy to clean and maintain. It does not require washing. Just buy some neutral polish from the shops and apply it on the leather with a piece of cloth or cotton wool. It is in paste form and it dries up quickly and will not mess up your clothes if you carry it against what you are wearing.

Shipping and Delivery

If your country does not appear on the comprehensive list in the checkout, please call + 254 (0)737 253862 or email sales@adeledejak.com  for assistance.