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Our Design Process


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MY FAVOURITE  PIECES These are pieces I love and just cant live without! they are without doubt my favourite fashion pieces. All  are available online: www.adeledejak.com The recycled metal jewellery is sourced from Kenya especially Nairobi. It is then put un a furnace and then cast in a mould. Once the product come out of the furnace it undergoes 3 long processes of polishing, buffing and cleaning before it then undergoes quality control. This cuff is really a statement piece and its incredibly light.     For that glam look. We are never naked. Bahati cuff is from our Swaady collection and…

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AdeleDejak Accessories

ThrowBack With Our Little Black Dress

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“Rule of a Lady – Three words: Little Black Dress.” Taking all the social media norms into account, we all are aware that being a Wednesday, it goes without saying that it is #WednesdayCrushWednesday leaving Thursday to a #throwback. For #TeamAdele, we’ve decided to shake up things a little bit by both crushing on our Little Black Dress that is set to Re-launch soon while at the same time doing a major throwback since its inception and re-invention in the year 2014/2015 Take a good look into your closet. Is there anything in there that you would never take out?…

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Being in Uganda (& away from my business)

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Living in Uganda, though near Kenya was a big challenge as I was away from Nairobi, the heart of the Adele Dejak brand and business. We all may have a rough idea of the difficulties that come with operating a business from the cloud. Glad to be home finally. Damage control and setting everything into perspective has been a long learning journey for me. In this post, I share my achievements as well as some of my favourite photos from the stay. Being in Uganda had its own advantages. I got to refocus on photography and research on styles and looks that I felt…

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We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC!

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We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC! With 99.9% collection we teamed up with Sahel Design in Burkina Faso. Sahel design has an incredible African story and also shares the same ethos as Adele Dejak. Sahel Design makes stunning leather tassels and we teamed up wit them  for our latest Kuba cloth and hide bags. We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC! Kuba cloth from the DRC is used in all our collections and we just love it! The unique geometric designs that are unique to each peiec of hand made juba cloth make it a shoppers must have…

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COW HORN & RECYCLED BRASS JEWELLERY  / 99.9% COLLECTION IS NOW OUT! The 99.9% collection is an energized collection drawing inspiration from Africa in particular the Fulani, Tuareg and Maasai. The name 99.9% stems from the fact that nothing is ever perfect in its entirety, especially handmade jewellery. The aim of African artisans is not to produce a ‘flawless’ jewellery piece or tassel, but a uniquely handmade piece of wearable art bearing the fingerprints of its human, rather than mechanical nature and strong character and identity. This is, in fact, the very force to attain a dynamic collection which makes…

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Samsung #AmazeAfrica Fashion Week

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In October 2013, Adèle was exclusively invited, along with six other accessories designers, to collaborate with top fashion designers to create bespoke pieces for the Samsung and Mercedes Benz Amaze Africa Fashion Week in Pretoria, SA. One of Adèle’s Designs for #AmazeAfrica Timing was tight as Adèle had just returned from the DNA and Habitat Graphic Africa exhibition in London and was busy finishing a project for Ferragamo in the mean time! Adèle had ten days to design and create her bespoke pieces for the event in SA. Some sleepless nights, but she pulled it off! Another design for the…

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