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Jewellery designers are dreamers blessed with the ability to create. They are gifted with an art entertains, empowers and attracts other people. Creativity is the ability to take something dull, drab and useless and give it life, make it desirable and valuable.

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Long Brass and Horn Earrings

When you are a jewellery designer in business, someone is always trying to copy you, emulate you or sabotage you. It is a constant game where you must display what you create at the right moment without giving other people the chance to steal your thunder. Of course, sometimes your secrets will be out before you are ready for a big reveal and creative bloc may hinder you sometimes but since you bear the gift, there is no sweating it.

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Latanya Aluminum Bracelet in Focus

For jewellery designers, the world is full of sharks waiting for blood in the water. That is why those of us who decide to survive through our creativity have to adapt and adopt unique strategies to survive through the murk. Over years, ideas have been stolen but jewellery designers didn’t stop at that. They would tap into their creativity and keep designing unique pieces that no one can replicate.

When success comes after fighting so many odds, it is more enjoyable. Do not let the challenges change your perspective should you ever decide to start a fashion brand. Instead, swim against the current and eventually, success will be in sight.

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    October 31, 2019 at 11:07 am

    Hi Adele, very impressive designs, bold and yet the epitome of simplicity. Do you give jewelry lessons. I love making jewelry in brass and at the moment only use wire. I would wish to learn how to make it through moulds, fire and hammer. My number is 0722269559

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