AdeleDejak Accessories

After weeks of strenuous design work and project management, we are so excited to reveal this full showroom renovation.  Our director Adele Dejak felt that this was a much needed project and the transformation of the showroom would enable the brand to provide chic visuals, a delightful shopping experience, and at the same time appeal to those with an eye for beauty.

As we prepared for this much anticipated period to showcase what we had been working on, so much consideration and attention went into the details. If you had visited with us prior to the renovation, you would remember how thrilling yet overwhelming it was to go through both our old and new collections. It  had the least amount of order in terms of layout, making it difficult to shop on the go. It seemed clustered, made it tedious to shop and did not go hand in hand with our ideal aesthetics.


Our showroom

During the last week of March the director and founder of the company Adele Dejak, decided enough was enough after her very inspiring trip to Europe, and her thoughts were that the brand could use a new and fresh look . So with the help of a team that shared in her vision she removed each and every item from the showroom and  the journey to the fabulous minimalist space begun.





DSC_0073 DSC_0072As you can tell, the inspiration behind the new look is chic, clean and minimal. We truly are in love with our space and extremely thrilled to have you over. Therefore, it is with further ado that we official invite you to come dive into this visual ecstacy. We shall be welcoinge you with some Italian treats and wine as you enjoy a shopping experience like never before. Hope to see you there soon!

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