The Adele Dejak Showroom – New Year, New Look.

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There’s so much going on for the fashion house. The Adele Dejak showroom and studio in Kiambu is getting a fashion facelift. This is to inject the space with new life; to have it reflect the Adele Dejak spirit of Afro-inspired Renaissance.




So, where did the inspiration for the fashion house come from? During her last trip to Dakar, Adele discovered a stunning, triangulated print on the walls of an abandoned nightclub. The print and geometry are a staple of Senegalese architecture and design. In 1978, as a newly independent Senegal was reinventing herself, President Leopold Senghor, introduced a law that mandated new buildings to be constructed along what he called ‘asymmetrical parallelism’. Here, rhythm is constructed through the intentional repetition of design elements. Triangulation is the most recurrent design and lends to the pyramid form. It’s not only visually arresting, it’s functional in its utilization of space. It consummates Senghor’s vision of social renaissance through aesthetic expression.




The print excited Adele not only because of it’s clean sophistication but also because there was a stylistic resonance between it and elements of her own design. It was like finding a expression of her self. her creative soul, physically manifested . AdeleDejak’s logo is composed of the same shapes; two outward-facing triangles that abbreviate her name. Where they come together , they run in parallel harmony and signify the effortless balance in Adele’s pieces. Lines and especially triangles, are an integral part of Adele’s design and have literally shaped the look of previous collections.

The white on black layout was reminiscent of home. In Tiv culture (her mother’s culture), the striped black and white A’nger fabric is worn to celebrate culture and to celebrate life. The A’nger stripes are like those of a zebra and signify grace, peace and beauty. It is honorary, even sacred and this reverence for culture transfers into Adele’s design process and space.




The renovation also involved creating a garden, where Adele could sit and draw inspiration It will also serve as a recreational space where staff and guests can enjoy the serene surroundings.

Adele Dejak’s brand is not only made in Africa, it is inspired by Africa. It encapsulates the spirit of all of Africa. It blends the colour of the west with the cleanliness of the south, the culture of the north with the character of the east.

Visit our Kiambu showroom for the pan to plate experience, to learn more about Adele’s inspiration and aesthetic or even to enjoy our stunning,new garden. You can also shop the Adele Dejak look online and from our Village Market shop.