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In keeping up with the 90’s theme that has been all the rage for over a year now, is the choker style necklace. The choker has been seen  both on and off catwalks by designers such as Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, Christia Dior just to name a few, taking their versions to the next level.

The choker is a simple accessory to upscale your ensemble in different styles from day to evening. It’s easy to see the choker’s appeal: it’s a cool-girl nod to ’90s grunge, it doesn’t interfere with your outfit, it complements everything and it acts like a built-in scarf (for the wider ones, at least).

The Bahati Almaz  Choker is part of the Almaz Collection which was released July 2015. ALMAZ the collection is inspired by hope and strength and the gift that is the African continent, its cultures and its beauty. The name ALMAZ is derived from the Amharic name meaning diamonds. And just as diamonds, the African beauty grows stronger under pressure. And just as diamonds, once rough around the edges,were mistaken as mere pebbles: and just like diamonds, our culture and beauty is lasting.


ALMAZ collection is a bold statement on embracing and protecting our identities, leaving our own mark in this world. A mark that will tell of our unshaken resolve to shed light on our cultures and to stand tall as the African.

The Bahati Almaz  choker can be paired up with the K-Daki Ring and the Asali Ring so as to maintain the bold look.




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