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She is our #WCW this week – Adele Dejak. If you follow Kenyan jewellery designer, Adele Dejak’s popular Instagram feed, you may think you have some idea about the woman behind it. Well, Adele Dejak is popularly known as the founder and director of the brand named after her, Adele Dejak.


The brand, Adele Dejak, is an African Luxury Brand that solely focuses on creating handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional  woman who knows how to own her own style.


About Adele Dejak

Adèle Dejak cut her teeth in the world of typographic design in England and Italy before moving to Nairobi, Kenya in 2005 and turning her attention to designing accessories. Adèle found herself being intrigued by the natural beauty of horn and begun to experiment with techniques of creating unique shapes and fashioned pieces.

This made her flair and uniqueness noticed and spurred on by an admirer of one of her creations who encouraged Adèle to set up a shop with the sole purpose of focusing on creating unique shapes to wear. Dejak’s Nigerian roots thus merged well with her European influences and she set out on her never-ending quest for that essential artifact that allowed her to express your own style.

Adele Dejak by Richard Kemple Smith

Q & A with Adele Dejak.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?
Adèle: I was born in Kano, Nigeria and brought up in CambridgeEngland. I’m a workaholic though I also love to play hard. I’m fun loving, daring, strong willed but sensitive too. I am a very flexible person who loves change, and who is not afraid of a challenge.

How would you define your fashion?
Adèle: I design pieces that enhance a woman’s beauty through their exquisite color as well as the discretion of essential shapes. My fashion is all about enhancing the personality of the woman who wears it because I believe all women are beautiful and the right look can change your overall image completely.

Where does you inspiration come from? 
“My inspirations come from so many different places. My experiences of living in Nigeria, Kenya, UK and Italy, the nature and landscapes of East and West Africa, ancient cultures, symbolism, textiles and prints, and art. My daily experience is emotional and visual: emotions turn into visual concepts.  How I’m feeling about life plays a definite role. I think artists communicate visually:  through patterns of design. At least, I certainly do!”

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You can find Adele Dejak on TwitterInstagram and issuu.

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