Founded in 2014, the ADÉLE DEJAK LIFESTYLE brand is anchored in the pioneering spirit of the Adele Dejak brand to extend  impeccably designed African Luxury products to the world.

The Lifestyle brand is built on Adele Dejak’s commitment to rebrand Africa as she continues to design beautiful, high-end interior and bespoke home products that define true luxury.

Through exclusive relationships with key players in the Ugandan Meat Industry, the ADELE DEJAK LIFESTYLE brand is at the fore-front of ethical & sustainable design through the pre-dominant use of the Ankole Cow Horn; a by-product of the beef industry in Uganda.

The Ankole Cow Horn, which we source from Uganda, is highly versatile and comes in a broad range of natural colours, varying from ivory through blonde and brown to black.


These stylish, luxurious bowls offer timeless elegance.

Elongated bowls range from 2 1/2 to 4 inches wide and can be 10 to 12 inches long. These bowls would be great for the man in your life as a place to put keys, change, and other pocket fillers. They could also be used as a pen and pencil tray on your desk. Try using it as a decorative center piece for your dining room table or buffet!