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Adele Dejak Fabric

Don’t we just love Kuba cloth from the DRC!

Brief History on Kuba


The Kuba textiles are best known for their unique elaboration and complexity of design as well as the surface decoration. The Kuba textiles originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo as the textiles originate from the palm leaf tree fiber which is enhanced by geometric designs executed in linear embroidery and other stitches, which are cut to form pile surfaces resembling velvet.

The Kuba cloth is one of the most important materials which Adele uses for her pieces. She uses the Kuba cloth in produces most of her bags; both clutch bags and handbags. All her pieces are tailored in a handmade

All the bags are purely hand made by our Kenyan artisans as we feel these bags represent our African renaissance.

To shop for the Brand, Visit us today at the Village Market Store, At our Kiambu Showroom or To Shop Online: adeledejak.com



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