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Kuba cloth

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Don’t we just love Kuba cloth from the DRC! Brief History on Kuba The Kuba textiles are best known for their unique elaboration and complexity of design as well as the surface decoration. The Kuba textiles originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo as the textiles originate from the palm leaf tree fiber which is enhanced by geometric designs executed in linear embroidery and other stitches, which are cut to form pile surfaces resembling velvet. The Kuba cloth is one of the most important materials which Adele uses for her pieces. She uses the Kuba cloth in produces most of her bags; both…

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How to get your hands fixated on my pieces

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Don’t live in Kenya? Not visiting any time soon? Want to get your hands FIXATED on Adele Dejak’s Precious Jewellery? Not a problem. Simply head over to our website where you can be able to place your order online and get it shipped over to you. Simply let us know what you designs you would want. Make the necessary payment via direct bank transfer. We’ll ship the items to you. Enjoy your purchase! For those who live or are visiting Kenya, you can find us in the following locations: Adele Dejak Showroom & Sales Office, Off Kiambu Road, along Mushroom…

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Maureen African renaissance

Roots of Kenya

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Adèle Dejak the brand has been in existence over seven years, it’s roots deeply founded in the heart of Kenya. At Adèle Dejak, stunning, cutting-edge, contemporary designs are created for all those stylish women looking for  accessories that define their persona. Our inspiration: African Tribes, Cultures, Shapes and Textures. Adèle finds the natural color and beauty of horn as a natural art form and has experimented with different techniques to craft unique horn and bone shapes. Her creations are in continuous development: a work in progress that fits together her never-ending quest for the essential artefact that will enhance the…

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Kitenge – A beautiful fabric that tells a story

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“The Kitenge is what most people usually refer to as “Colorful African Fabric,” writes Adele Dejak, a fashion designer known for using such fabric in crafting her pieces. Kitenge (Vitenge is the Swahili plural) is made of cotton fabric with wax print. It is very popular in East Africa. The beauty of Kitenge is that it is known as a textile that tells stories. The Kitenge always has a way of representing a cultural background, a social position, or just a mood and a feeling … Most women use Kitenge to tailor their own clothes or they wear it as a…

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Woman Crush Wednesday > Adele Dejak

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. She is our #WCW this week – Adele Dejak. If you follow Kenyan jewellery designer, Adele Dejak’s popular Instagram feed, you may think you have some idea about the woman behind it. Well, Adele Dejak is popularly known as the founder and director of the brand named after her, Adele Dejak. The brand, Adele Dejak, is an African Luxury Brand that solely focuses on creating handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional  woman who knows how to own her own style. About Adele Dejak Adèle Dejak cut her teeth in the world of typographic…

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Adele Dejak by Sara Waiswa

A Series of Girl Bosses that Rock

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The coined term Girl Bosses has been an on-going global movement (campaign if you like) celebrating women who are basically in charge of their lives and rock at it. There are numerous platforms online that are now involved in celebrating and uplifting women in the name of girl power. Some are even multi-dimensional in that, they not only celebrate those that have “already made it” or are up-coming in their journey, but also those that need assistance in terms of funding, mentorship and knowledge building. In short, all-encompassing communities for goal-driven women.  At Adele Dejak, our latest campaign dubbed #girlboss…

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The Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies: Part 1

The Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies: Part 1

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Selfie! Selfie! Selfie! Oh the word Selfie. It is safe to state that, in this day and age, if you have no clue what that means you have been living under a rock.  World over, selfies have been taken of individuals (no age restrictions) or/and with friends/celebrities/monumental buildings and views, and have flooded the social media platforms for years. Having agreed on the above,  we all understand that a selfie is defined as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared (not necessarily) via social media. They can express love, or…

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Adele Dejak, Showroom

Adele Dejak Showroom Renovation Reveal

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After weeks of strenuous design work and project management, we are so excited to reveal this full showroom renovation.  Our director Adele Dejak felt that this was a much needed project and the transformation of the showroom would enable the brand to provide chic visuals, a delightful shopping experience, and at the same time appeal to those with an eye for beauty. As we prepared for this much anticipated period to showcase what we had been working on, so much consideration and attention went into the details. If you had visited with us prior to the renovation, you would remember…

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Adebayo Oke-Lawal // Orange Culture

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Adebayo Oke-Lawal, creative director of Orange culture, is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern menswear in Nigeria. According to Bayo, as he is popularly known, he started sketching at the age of ten for a store in East London and that’s how he got his start. He then moved on to work with Kiki Kamanu and gained survival skills for working in the industry.   With this determination, the Orange Culture was born. Bayo refers to OC as a “movement” more than a clothing line, for a creative class of men who he describes as “self aware ,…

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Adele nation!! We are just a few days into the new year are super excited to share what we have in store for you our loyal clients. We would first want to send out a big thank you for your love and unconditional support throughout 2016 and for choosing Adele Dejak as your desired fashion and accessories brand. As the new year dawns, exciting changes come up with new hopes and expectations from both your end and our end. Our goal as always is to improve every day in order to meet your preferences, as we strive…

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