Roots of Kenya

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Adèle Dejak is out now, a brand that has its roots in the heart of Kenya. Here, stunning cutting-edge contemporary designs are created for all those stylish women looking for unique, contemporary accessories. Our inspiration: African shapes and textures. Adèle finds the natural colours and beauty of horn a natural art form and has experimented with different techniques to craft unique horn and bone shapes. Her creations are in continuous development: a work in progress that fits together her never-ending quest for the essential artefact that will enhance the personality of the woman who wears it. Her jewellery is meant…

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Kitenge – A beautiful fabric that tells a story

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Kitenge (vitenge is the Swahili plural) is made of cotton fabric with wax print. It is very popular in East Africa. The beauty of kitenge is that it is known as a textile that tells stories. This can be achieved through colour  (kitenge is often multicolored), shapes and patterns. The kitenge can represent a cultural background, a social position, or just a mood and a feeling … Women use kitenge to tailor their own clothes or they wear it as a sarong wrapped around the waist. Today, it is used by many to make anything from tablecloth to curtains. We use…

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