AMANDLA – A Capsule Collection

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In just a few days our new and exciting capsule collection “Amandla”, will be released. Amandla which in Zulu means power, encourages us to embrace our inner powers, to be strong and radiate like stars. Be power. This is something so important in a continent which has suffered so much, yet always had the strength to rise above and shine.   The collection has been designed by our London College of Fashion intern Amanda Jeneby in collaboration with Adele Dejak. Amanda who has been interning with the brand from the beginning of June, has created a collection inspired by her experience…

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Adele Dejak Will Be At JoBurg – Sanlam Event – This Weekend

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Happy Friday #TeamAdele! We have some really great news for you this Friday and especially for our South African family.  No words can be able to contain the excitement that we have to finally spell out “Here we come South Africa!!!!” As we progress into our tasteful journey of redefining African Premium Luxury, we are truly humbled and ecstatic to be announcing that Adele Dejak will be in Johannesburg this week for South Africa 2017 Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair as she will also be unveiling her new collection, the Moon Safari Collection. Adele Dejak’s unique pieces shall be displayed at…

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Adele Dejak & Discover African Premium Luxury is a brand of luxury fashion accessories based in Nairobi. The pieces are handmade in Kenya using materials sourced from across the African continent. A fusion of African and European influences, they are designed by the owner and founder Adele Dejak, then assembled by some of  the most talented  artisans in Kenya and the region. The company specializes in handbags and jewellery but also produces on  limited editions clothes, belts, sandals and other fashion accessories. The Adele Dejak brand is at the fore front of the African luxury movement as it draws on rich…

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MY FAVOURITE  PIECES These are pieces I love and just cant live without! they are without doubt my favourite fashion pieces. All  are available online: The recycled metal jewellery is sourced from Kenya especially Nairobi. It is then put un a furnace and then cast in a mould. Once the product come out of the furnace it undergoes 3 long processes of polishing, buffing and cleaning before it then undergoes quality control. This cuff is really a statement piece and its incredibly light.     For that glam look. We are never naked. Bahati cuff is from our Swaady collection and…

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Things I love

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One of the most common questions I get asked is “Adele, what are you passionate about?” I am simply passionate about everyday life and draw inspiration from my everyday surroundings. I’ve decided to draw up a simple list of things I love and things that drive me. Flowers     I have flowers everywhere! From my home to my workplace. My flowers create a more happy, productive and idea-filled environment.   2. Chunky jewelry   Honestly, the more, the merrier! 3. Books     Books provide for me mental stimulation, stronger analytical thinking skills and are a great source of…

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Almaz Collection

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Featured cover Photo: Nick Klaus  ///Above Photo: Brian Siambi & Model: Mauryne Theo Almaz the collection is inspired by hope and strength and the gift that is the African continent, its cultures and its beauty. The name ALMAZ is derived from the Amharic name meaning Diamonds. And just as diamonds, the African beauty grows stronger under pressure. And just as Diamonds, once rough around the edges, were mistaken as mere pebbles: and just like diamonds, our culture and beauty is lasting. ALMAZ collection is a bold statement on embracing and protecting our identities, leaving our own mark in this world. A mark…

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Online Shop Update: Rings, Bag Charms and Key Rings

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  When it comes to accessorizing, the smallest details can bring the most joy! We’re now stocking rings, bag charms and key rings on our online shop so that you can add distinctive personal touches to various aspects of your everyday life – from opening the door to shaking somebody’s hand. Make it memorable! All the rings, bag charms and key rings shown here are available on our online shop. Don’t forget to take advantage of the special discount that you can get when you subscribe to our mailing list (never expires!). To shop for the Brand, Visit us Today at…

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We’ve Updated Our List of Stockists

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There are more and more ways to get your hands on our designs. Along with our two outlets in Nairobi,you can find our designs on-sale in the following locations: Kenya Hemingways Boutique – Karen Saruni Camp Masai Mara, Masai Mara Angama Tanzania & Maasai Mara. Fairmont The Norfolk Campi Ya Kanzi Simply Classics Africa – Wilson Airport. Lisa Christoffersen Gallery – Runda Cottars 1920s Shop and Spa. South Africa Lucky Fish – South Africa The Branch Design Gallery New York Luxe Lion London UK Lalibella Australia Baha’ti Bisque Tanzania Chem Chem Nigeria Alara Multiconcepts For more information, please visit our website. Happy shopping!

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Richa recycled brass earrings

Tips on Caring for your Aluminium, Brass and Leather Accessories

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Every now and again, we get questions from our customers about how to best take care of their cherished accessories. Here’s what we recommend when it comes to keeping your aluminium, brass and leather beauties looking as good as the day you fell in love with them! Brass Brass items can get dull and lose their shiny look. You can find different brands of brass polish in most supermarkets. One such brand is called Brasso and comes in liquid form. Put some polish on a piece of cloth or cotton wool and gently rub it on the brass item until…

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Dazzle in our Aluminium Jewellery

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Own your style with these statement pieces made from recycled aluminium. And the spotlight is one of your favorite places to be Whether you like to bask in the limelight… Whether you enjoy a spot of flirty fun or dazzling glamour with an edge …   … There’s an aluminium design for you! All the bracelets, earrings, pendants and chokers shown here are available on our online shop (many are also available in brass). If you haven’t already, subscribe to our mailing list for a further offer. What’s your favorite item from our Aluminium collection?

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