Cape Town --- with my fellow West African DNA brothers photo Richard Keppel Smith

Throwback /// Design Network Africa (Part I)

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We (team Adele) have been so privileged to be on the DNA program since its inception. Not only is it an amazing platform for our designs to be promoted and appreciated it gives us a voice. A voice in a beautiful continent where there is so much talent and creativity. A continent so rich in culture, diversity and opportunities, that even Barack Obama on his recent trip to Nairobi acknlowedgled this potential with his beautiful statement: ‘Africa is on the move.’  This very much resonates with the brand’s own concept behind the hashtag #MyheartbeatsAfrica. Read about what DNA does here. Today, we’d like…

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Adele Dejak is a brand of luxury fashion accessories based in Nairobi. The pieces are handmade in Kenya using materials sourced from across the African continent. A fusion of African and European influences, they are designed by the owner and founder Adele Dejak, then assembled by some of  the most talented  artisans in Kenya and the region. The company specializes in handbags and jewellery but also produces on  limited editions clothes, belts, sandals and other fashion accessories.   The Adele Dejak brand is at the fore front of the African luxury movement as it draws on rich African heritage to…

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Almaz Collection

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Featured cover Photo: Nick Klaus  ///Above Photo: Brian Siambi & Model: Mauryne Theo     Almaz the collection is inspired by hope and strength and the gift that is the African continent, its cultures and its beauty. The name ALMAZ is derived from the Amharic name meaning Diamonds. And just as diamonds, the African beauty grows stronger under pressure. And just as Diamonds, once rough around the edges, were mistaken as mere pebbles: and just like diamonds, our culture and beauty is lasting. ALMAZ collection is a bold statement on embracing and protecting our identities, leaving our own mark in this world….

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#my heart beats Africa & the African Renaissance

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#my heart beats Africa & the African Renaissance ADELE DEJAK  launched in April 2015  the #my heart beats Africa campaign.  This seeks to empower women and their identity as African warrior women. The main objection of the campaign is to show how beautiful Africa is from different perspectives. Positive vibes and the African renaissance.   Africa is at a loss with its own identity. This cannot be more visible than in fashion. African women suffer from an evident schizophrenia: they grow up into African fabrics and traditional wear, only to spend their dreams on what is considered THE fashion. That…

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Tribal Chic Fashion Show 2015

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Team Adele is always so thrilled to be a part of Nairobi’s hip Tribe Hotel’s annual fashion show: Tribal Chic. The event certainly did not disappoint this year. All of Nairobi’s hard-core fashionistas & East African bloggers, designers, photographers and top press attended, all decked out in their best gear. Many wore pieces from our collections. Tribal Chic fashion show 2015 saw us preview our long anticipated LBD collection, inspired by Maasai women and the manner in which they drape their beautiful fabrics in a most graceful and simple manner: their own.     The colour pallet of LBD was mostly black, but dark shades of charcoal…

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We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC!

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We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC! With 99.9% collection we teamed up with Sahel Design in Burkina Faso. Sahel design has an incredible African story and also shares the same ethos as Adele Dejak. Sahel Design makes stunning leather tassels and we teamed up wit them  for our latest Kuba cloth and hide bags. We just love Kuba cloth from the DRC! Kuba cloth from the DRC is used in all our collections and we just love it! The unique geometric designs that are unique to each peiec of hand made juba cloth make it a shoppers must have…

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MY FAVOURITE  PIECES These are pieces I love and just cant live without! they are without doubt my favourite fashion pieces. All  are available online: The recycled metal jewellery is sourced from Kenya especially Nairobi. It is then put un a furnace and then cast in a mould. Once the product come out of the furnace it undergoes 3 long processes of polishing, buffing and cleaning before it then undergoes quality control. This cuff is really a statement piece and its incredibly light.     For that glam look. We are never naked. Bahati cuff is from our Swaady collection and…

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  My Nairobi studio feels like a modern-day alchemist’s laboratory, but rather than transmuting lead to gold, my team & I melt discarded hammers and door handles, transforming them into bold cuffs and glistening chokers. We all love the concept from trash to glam!     3 is not a crowd. the more the merrier. Why not try these stacked with other bracelets?

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COW HORN & RECYCLED BRASS JEWELLERY  / 99.9% COLLECTION IS NOW OUT! The 99.9% collection is an energized collection drawing inspiration from Africa in particular the Fulani, Tuareg and Maasai. The name 99.9% stems from the fact that nothing is ever perfect in its entirety, especially handmade jewellery. The aim of African artisans is not to produce a ‘flawless’ jewellery piece or tassel, but a uniquely handmade piece of wearable art bearing the fingerprints of its human, rather than mechanical nature and strong character and identity. This is, in fact, the very force to attain a dynamic collection which makes…

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The Thorn Tree Project X

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Katungulu Mwendwa Katungulu Mwendwa is one of Kenya’s young prominent designers, having studied a BA in fashion design in both Barcelona and the UK she creates designs that are both comfortable and beautiful, with the use of great fabrics. Fusing the traditional with the modern to create contemporary almost ethereal garments. “Katungulu Mwendwa is inspired by African art, traditional cultures and crafts, embodying them in classic, yet modern cuts and techniques exposing the two very completely different worlds that can co- incide together.” Here at Adele Dejak we are all about supporting and promoting local design. The talented Katungulu Mwendwa…

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