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The Adele Dejak Love Collection

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Love is a beautiful thing that we should proudly carry. At least that was the inspiration behind the Adele Dejak Love Collection.  The iconic African jewelry designer who lends her name to the renowned brand was organizing a photo shoot for another one of her collections when the idea for the recently launched collection struck. As a spur of the moment decision, she grabbed a love décor sign from her house to use on the set of the photo shoot. Unknown to her, this random décor item would inspire a bolder, unique, unprecedented collection. Reactions to the love sign struck…

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“muse” Your fire is my fire.                  -Ben Saphiro They say having a muse is part of our life script; a form of modern day questing. A muse shares in your passion and adventure – tells your story. A muse is a source of inspiration; a touchstone of places, activities and things that in a way inspire peace, joy and creativity in others.                                                                                   Introducing, Darina Anstis, A.K.A Madusa Karma; the latest muse at Adele Dejak. She represents the modern African woman, stunningly beautiful and unapologetically bold with an eagle eye for fashion. Darina has a sense of creativity…

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Adele Dejak, a Kenya based entrepreneur building a global luxury accessory brand that celebrates the true African experience

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When a powerhouse like Lionesses of Africa recognizes and appreciates real and raw entrepreneurial and cultural improvement efforts like ours, at Adele Dejak we have no choice but to give our heartfelt appreciation. This is a re-post of an article done by Lionesses of Africa by Adele Dejak. Enjoy the read and thank you Lionesses of Africa. Adele Dejak, founder of Adele Dejak (Kenya) In the highly competitive world of international jewellery design, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But this is certainly not the case for Kenyan jewellery and accessory design entrepreneur, Adele Dejak, founder…

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Copycatting truly kills the cat! There are those creative artists and designers who spend their whole time trying to create something unique, and those who simply steal their creations and try to reproduce them in bad copies of the original product that has a devastating effect. Africa is still weak in protecting its creative fashion designers, which is also why Africa is more and more invaded by cheaper imitation of designs made elsewhere other than Africa, killing any possibility for African designers’ market to grow and thrive. Original                                                             Copy   Original                                                          Copy Yes, of course, those who see fake copies…

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Rise of the Girl Boss

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There is a rising ambition for fashion and design, especially among the millennial generation. However, the notion of being a ‘designer’ has been misconstrued by many young aspirants. For them, it is all about glitz, glam and money. The truth about fashion is that there is more to what meets the eye.   Recently, girls from the Evelyn School of Design paid an industrial visit to the Adele Dejak Workshop in Kiambu. We were amazed at how shocked they were to see the collection; they immediately perused through item after item even before introductions were made. The excitement that filled…

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We Are The African Reinassance

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We are the #AfricanRenaissance. We are inspired not just by Africa, but by the currents of Africa; the social and cultural revolution, the aesthetic reinvention and the evolution of concepts such as art, beauty and design. Africa is the cradle of man. It’s the incubator and originator of life, of culture. The common misconception is that in the past centuries, no design or innovation has come out of Africa. This belief was cemented by the fact that coming out of the industrial age and into the information age, Africa has been a receiver rather than a co-creator of technology and…

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Adele Dejak Celebrates Mothers

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For most of us, our mothers are our entire world. They bring and introduce us to the world. Everything we are – how we interact and respond to the world and the people we eventually become – is because our mothers have been there, as steadfast and as brilliant as the North Star, guiding and illuminating our paths. Mothers love us unconditionally and irrevocably. They nourish us, care for us and protect us. They instruct, inform and educate us, which is why the 13th of May is dedicated to them world-wide. While it’s true that mothers are sacred and should…

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The Model Next Door – Conversation with John David Kimeu #ModelsSeries

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This is the second installation of our #ModelsSeries. The intention of the series is to interrogate how models are modelling the design space in Africa. We are long past days when models were seen as clothes-hangers. The process to select a model for a campaign or for runway is more conscientious than the process of choosing a life-partner. After-all, marriage is til separation – associations are eternal. The model has to have the right look, has to fit with your brand and has to embody the spirit or mood of your campaign; this is not always easy to find. John…

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Conversation with Laura Anjili #ModelsSeries

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Models are an integral part of the design process and presentation. They bring the pieces to life. They are an actualized illusion, the physical projection, a way for us to interact with abstract design concepts. They help us visualize ourselves consuming, celebrating and co-curating design. Over the years, we have worked with several models and established a community, a camp, a family. The models we have worked with are proof on an emerging industry and of a cultural and aesthetic Renaissance in Africa. They are proof that the definition of beauty and the idea of what’s desirable has evolved. We…

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Runway Reverence – Our Grand AFI Finale

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The road to the runway was dippy and bumpy, but seeing the Precious collection walk down that final runway dissipated the angst and distress felt in preparation.  To begin with, the South African Visa office is more scrutinous than the US Defense Department. They will investigate you in your previous life, so the visa wait for my assistant was a pins and needles affair. But at the same time, they were very diplomatic and gracious and thankfully, even though there was a torturous one-day delay which meant changing flights, she got her visa processed. Armed with enthusiasm and intent, we…

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