Jacaranda Beauty and Giveaway

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Walking around Nairobi of late, you must have noticed ethereal blooms of purple and blue flowers. It is Jacaranda season! Jacaranda is a genus species of flowering plants native to tropical and subtropical regions. Here in Africa, the Jacaranda is most common in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. The Jacaranda trees range in size from 20 to 30 metres (66 to 98 ft) tall. Its flowers are produced in conspicuous large panicles, each flower with a five-lobed blue to purple-blue color. In Kenya, the Jacaranda blooms between the months of October and December. You must agree it is a wonderful feeling walking under the…

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The art of Michael Soi

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Michael soi may need no introduction to art fans in Nairobi.  Michael is an artist who began his career as a sculptor and subsequently refined his own visual and artistic vocabulary over the years. Working from his studio at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, Michael has participated in numerous artist workshops, and exhibited widely both locally and internationally.   We recently caught up with him at the GoDown Centre where he was exhibiting his newest series called ’The Women in My Life’. The show was a tribute to publicly recognize the women in his life. We were down at the centre…

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Discontinued Collections Sale

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Great news Shoppers! We are having a MAJOR sale at our showroom! Each and everyday, between 9a.m. and 5p.m. our showroom will host a sale on our discontinued lines. We are conducting the sale to allow for us to focus on the lines and collections that you the client demand highly of. The pieces on sale are those that are featured in our older collections. They include our colorful beaded accessories, ebony pieces, those made from horn, bone and even glass beads; not to forget our bags and clutch bags. The sale has officially began today and will run until stocks…

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Adele Dejak at the Coterie

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We are now counting down just hours to our showcase at the Coterie. From the 18th of September, Adele Dejak will be at the Javits Centre in New York City, for the Coterie trade fair. Coterie is a premier global marketplace that bridges women’s apparel and accessories designers to the international ‘Who’s Who’ of Retailers. Coterie builds exclusive shopping experiences from the ground up so that designers and buyers can create a synergy that fuels their businesses. It is a platform for generating revenue and inspiring trends. Thanks to SheTrades ITC Initiative, Adele Dejak is one of the select few…

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The Noir Lover and KOBO

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Greetings Noir Lover! It is our hope that your are staying delightfully fashionable this season. Here at the Adele Dejak headquarters, we are keeping busy whilst being entirely grateful that our Noir Lover campaign is running even better than expected. This week, we are back to describing the essence of the Noir Lover. Last time we talked about Sustainability and today we focus on KOBO. You may be familiar with KOBO, our diffusion line. KOBO was launched in November last year and has proven to be a major success. The word KOBO refers to the Nigerian currency, ie. about one cent of…

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Noir Lover in paris Recap

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Hello Noir Lover! As you know the past couple of days have been spent in Paris, and what an invigorating time it has been here! We touched base at the Maison & Objet trade fair, from the 2nd to the 6th of September, and this turned out to be quite the success story. We showcased some of our most popular pieces and received the most positive responses from the event attendees.   We were privileged to meet some of the best fashion and art brands from around the globe. In particular, we were quite taken by AAKS Handcrafted of Ghana, Diallo designs…

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Adele Dejak at Maison & Objet

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Greetings Team Adele! Once again our Noir Lover adventures have landed us somewhere exciting. This time we are in Paris! We are here for an international trade show called Maison & Objet. Maison & Objet is a professional trade fair that brings together fashion designers, interior designers, architects and buyers all under one roof. Each year, Maison & Objet has been carrying out editions in Asia (Singapore), America (Miami Beach) and most recently an expansion into Paris. Thanks to the facilitation by Design Network Africa, Adele Dejak will be exhibiting at the show everyday between the 2nd and the 6th of…

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Noir Lover in London Recap

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Hello readers! Our showcase at the Sulger-Buel Lovell gallery this past Tuesday was phenomenal! The London team extended us such a warm welcome and were all such gracious hosts. The event took off at 6.30p.m. and ran till about 11.30p.m. The most exquisite drinks were served, accompanied by delicious canapés while everyone had a chance to move around the gallery interacting with each other and with our pieces. We had a wonderful time interacting one on one with our London followers and making new connections. Have a look at the happenings of the night:             We would like to thank the…

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Adele Dejak at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery

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We have safely landed in London! Our first stop for our Noir Lover campaign is London for a showcase at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery. The Sulger-Buel Lovell gallery, based in London and Cape Town, is one that is focused on exhibiting significant, established and emerging African talents. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th of August we will be at the gallery to showcase our collections, both old and new. The showcase promises to be a unique experience. If you are in London, be sure to drop by the gallery. Drinks and canapés will follow the presentation. You will also have the opportunity to…

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Noir Lover & Sustainable Fashion

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Hello team Adele! Our Noir Lover campaign is running really well so far. In the next couple of weeks, we will be describing the essence of the Noir Lover. The Noir Lover style, the brands the Noir Lover indulges in, the things the Noir Lover likes and loves and many more. Today we focus on Sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to a product that is created and produced with consideration to the environment and the social impact it may have throughout its total life span. It involves the design processes, sourcing of material and the manufacturing of all your fashionable items which…

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